What are video poker machines and where are they from?

Written by John Carroll

Poker can undoubtedly be called one of the most popular games in the casino section. Standing at the forefront of the industry, the card game is still popular despite a large number of video slots and other real-money entertainment. Its popularity can be explained by the fact that many algorithms and functions were simplified, which gave players a greater advantage over the house. It is great for beginners who have never visited gaming halls before. With simple rules, you will quickly gain basic skills and are guaranteed to win money. Although, there are a few nuances that we are going to discuss further, but first, let’s take a look at the most popular slots video poker:

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Each of these games represents a certain value for the players. First of all, they have simple rules and quality graphics. The benefits are complemented by a wide range of rates, as well as an extremely high RTP which will please beginners and high-rollers. Further, we will tell you how such machines work and what options will increase your profit.

Where did slots poker come from?

To correctly understand the benefits and possibilities of modern poker, we should start with its predecessor. The story began with the Sittman and Pitt Company located in Brooklyn (New York), which invented the poker machine in 1891. The game consisted of 5 reels with 10 symbols each. After inserting a coin, the participant had to pull the lever that turned the reels defining a combination of playing cards symbols.

After 7 years, Charles Fey invented the famous “Card Bell” which paid 20 coins for each royal flush. Thanks to the success of the machine, Fey continued to develop new poker slots games by offering “Skill Draw” with a new hold feature. This allowed players to fix some columns and rotate other reels to increase the likelihood of a combination.

Meanwhile, Sittman and Pitt Company did not stop the production of its own machines since poker was a fairly popular game in land-based casinos at that time. The introduction of the draw feature showed the bettors what role they play in each round and that payouts are not blind luck. As a result, gaming machines appeared in every bar, liquor store, and tobacco store throughout America and some European countries including England. Due to the prohibition to pay prizes with real money, winners often received cigarettes, beer, and other drinks.

Since then, many developers have appeared and most of them offer new poker slot machine games with 3D graphics, large payouts, and even bonus options.

Distinctive features

Visiting any virtual casino 2021 you are likely to come across bonus codes and a huge assortment of slot machines. They have become the main engine of the gambling industry, but despite this, many providers pay special attention to the development of poker machines. They are easily recognizable by the classic design and the presence of playing cards on the screen saver. However, this is not the only hallmark of modern online video poker slots.

Let’s take Double Joker Poker as an example. Running the game you will see a visual design imitating the design of one-armed bandits. At the top, there is a logo and also a payout table with coefficients for each combination. The cards and buttons are laid out below with the help of which the participant makes a bet and starts the game. In addition to the standard panel at the bottom, the user will find HOLD keys that lock cards for the next round. There are windows broadcasting game results including bet, balance, and winnings.

In some games, developers use 3D graphics and animations, which is positively perceived by players from New Zealand, Europe, Canada, and Australia.

Types & features of video poker machines

To bring you closer to the winnings, we have added a list of the most popular variations of video poker slot machines, including the size of payouts as a percentage. For example, if the game has an RTP of 99%, then after wagering $100 the player will return $99 in the long run. Also, each type of game has different features that are more suitable for beginners and/or professionals. Often players come across fractional values ​​of 9/6, for example. This shows that the payout for the full house exceeds the initial bet of 9x while flush gives 6x.

Deuces Wild

This is a game with 2 cards and royal flush gives about 125 credits instantly but all players are chasing royal flush which gives 4,000 coins. When playing for real money, the user gets the edge over the house since Deuces Wild’s RTP is 100.71%. This means that in the long run, you will earn more than you spent.

Jacks or Better

As the name of the game implies, a participant does not receive a payment if he does not have at least a pair of jacks. Even beginners with a simple strategy can claim a profit of 99.46%. More advanced gamblers can use new strategies, improving their advantage to 99.54%.

Double Bonus Poker

100.17% of expected income is a good reason to play this type of video poker slot machines. For the full version, 10/7 is usually used and you get paid for jacks or cards with a higher face value.

Bonus Poker

One of the most common types of games in virtual casinos, it offers 8/5 payouts in the full version. Using the optimal strategy, you can claim 99.17% of revenue. Players always have a mathematical edge, so this version is one of the most profitable.

Joker Poker

To get paid, you need a pair of kings or better. It is noteworthy that the Joker performs the function of a Wild symbol, which allows it to make up more chains. The expected profit is 100.6%, provided that you use the optimal game strategy.

Double Double Bonus Poker

In certain combinations, this game gives increased payouts. So, 4 aces with a 2-4 kicker will immediately give the player 400 credits. Playing the full version of the game (10/6) you can expect an income of 100.07%.

Progressive Jackpots

Even though this category is not the richest, we can argue that some poker machines do offer progressive jackpots. Some of them are connected to the same prize pool while other games draw individual prizes.

Which type to choose? It completely depends on your skills/preferences. Choosing the right game is not enough because you have to manage it in order to increase your chances in each round.

Start playing

One of the reasons for the popularity of the game is its simple use. If you understand the rules a bit and know how combinations are made up, you can play any slots video poker at any time. Even beginners who have never bet on the Internet may be able to win a prize after the first rounds. All you need is to choose a reliable licensed casino with a large assortment of video poker, sign up, enter promo codes, and follow the instructions below.

Step 1 – Determine Your Bankroll Size

This is part of the gameplay when you select the amount that you are willing to spend on bets. In the old days, such machines accepted coins and although you can still stumble upon them in an offline world, digital games accept a wider range of currencies and their denominations. Here is our advice: set the maximum amount that you can lose without catastrophic consequences. This will allow you to avoid risk and possible gambling addiction. Remember that games are enjoyment and fun.

Step 2 – Place your bets

Most video poker slots games offer participants a bet of 1 to 5 credits per hand. Of course, there are models with a higher range of stakes and with fairly good skills you can bet up to 10 coins. Some players prefer maximum bets because they increase the size of future payouts and give chances to win the jackpot. During the first and second sessions, it will be wise to make minimum and medium stakes reducing risks.

Step 3 – Press ‘Deal’

All poker machines produce results based on RNG (random number generator) which means there is no way to predict the outcome of the hand. Before each round, the system shuffles the cards and to start playing hit the deal button. Having received all the cards, check them for combinations. As already mentioned, in most games you have Hold buttons that fix some cards for the next round.

Importance of strategy

Many gamers still think that having fortune is enough for video poker. As statistics show, large payouts are sent to players with a strategy. Using a basic or advanced strategy, you significantly improve your chances of a positive outcome at the end of the session. Players without poker experience should play with small bets to get comfortable in the new environment and not lose the last dollar. Small and frequent stakes will prolong your session and perhaps you will fast enough develop a strategy and begin to gradually increase them.

Slots poker games on mobile devices

Desktop devices are great for playing. Large monitors display all the necessary elements, offering players stunning graphics with additional sound effects. Unfortunately, we cannot take a computer/laptop to a park or restaurant to check our game account and make a couple of bets. Each of us has at least one smartphone or tablet that solves this problem.

Thanks to a stable internet connection, you can instantly move to an online casino, enter no deposit code to receive a bonus, and place a bet. For a comfortable and safe game, open any browser installed on your device and enter the casino URL. You will find that it automatically directs you to the mobile version of the site where you can play slots and video poker.

The operator offers to download the application? Great! Install it for uninterrupted access to your favorite games, but first, make sure that the phone has enough free space. With this application, users receive notifications of new promotions and poker tournaments.

In the browser and application, the game interface may differ from its desktop version. Due to the small screens, developers are changing the layout of some buttons and tables, giving you more playing space.

Why gamblers love machines for video poker

High-rollers know what advantages are hidden in video poker, but even if you are a beginner, we are here to tell about the advantages of the game and the wealth that you can get soon.

To begin with, you get control over the gameplay. The player determines which cards he would like to leave for the next distribution and which ones to remove from the screen. This option is not available in video slots and other popular table games. After a few rounds, you will be surprised how often winning combinations appear because poker machines do not have a wide variety of bonus options and free spins.

In the previous sections, we talked about RTP in each type of video poker slot machines. They often exceed 100%, which is an inaccessible achievement for slot machines whose return does not exceed 99%. In other words, gamblers always have an edge over the house and in the long run, they will make more money.

If you are frightened by complex instructions, tricky winning schemes, and unspoken rules then video poker is what you need. You will not find complicated rules and extra rounds. Just press the Deal button, select cards, and receive payouts. The principles of the game do not change on mobile devices, so you have nothing to worry about!