Casino Lucky Days: Free Spins & Promotions

Written by John Carroll

Nowadays, gambling on the Internet is one of the most commonly used methods to both get a piece of entertainment and earn large sums of money. All people want to earn money enjoying the process of its earning, which is why lots of people become adherences of online casinos that can let them do it.

Also, people like online casinos more than landed ones today. For it, there are a couple reasons. For example, when you are on your way to landed casino, you can be worried that the institution is located far away from your home and it takes a lot of time to get there. Also, there may be traffics that also cause problems when you are on your way to the needed institutions.

Let’s be honest, not all people feel comfortable when they are surrounded by lots of strangers and get stressed when the place is crowded and it is loud there. In all cases, online casinos can be considered to be the perfect alternative.

Plus, it is easier to connect to Wi-Fi and open your browser to start playing. It takes much less time than it takes to get to the location of landed casino. When you are at home, you can feel comfortable and create cozy and nice atmosphere, so you could be calm and get no stress.

The question lies in the fact that it is not the easiest thing to find trustworthy online institutions. As the number of appearing online casinos gets bigger daily, you need to be attentive to not make a mistake. With this, we can help you. Read our review on one of the leading online casinos in 2021 that carries the name Lucky Days casino.

Why to Gamble With LuckyDays Club?

What can we say about casino Lucky Days? Well, let’s start with the fact that the casino is a newbie in the market of online gambling of England, of Canada and of the whole world. Still, being a newbie does not suppose being inexperience and unpopular institution. We bet that this new casino can compete with those who are in the gambling area for a long time already.

The casino was launched in 2018 but already manages to gather numerous gamblers from all parts of the world, be it New Zealand or Australia. This is due to easy and good-looking interface, a wide spectrum of free games (including live games), generous rewards and promotions, opportunity to play with various devices and many other things about which you will find out if you scroll down. We are ready to start our review! Are you?

Things to Say About Appearance

What things should we mention when it comes to reviewing the appearance of LuckyDays casino? We think that it is worth to say things about used colors, menu and categories of the top and of the bottom of home page.

When you get the link and go the website with its help, the site’s page opens automatically. Here, you will not be indifferent to the background which displays an island with blue water around. A nice kitty welcomes you and shows you the road to this island. The whole website is designed in soft and calm blue tones.

To interest you, the designers displayed a small, but attractive offer on the background for new players. Here is also a fast button to create account. Above, you will notice a fast link named “Main Information”. If to talk about the main buttons on the official page of the website, we should mention next.

If you take a look at the right side of the page, you will notice button named “Login”, button named “Create Account” and icon in the form of magnifying glass which serves as a search engine. If you take a look at the left side of the page, you will notice logo of the portal (it consists of the name only), button named “Home”, button named “Games” and button named “Help”.

For some reason, the bottom of the page gets underestimated. We are talking about all websites’ bottoms right now, including the bottom of LuckyDays website. The thing is that a lot of needed information is situated right here, so it is worth mentioning that it makes sense to take a look at the page’s bottom.

The very first thing that you will notice is a paragraph of general information that the designers put here. This information includes details about licensing and regulating. Here, you can also notice that the administrations asks you to play responsibly and control your gambling.

You will also see what gambling authorities control casino Lucky Days if you take a look at four icons that are displayed on the right side. Near, you will notice 4 fast links which may come in handy.Those fast links (FL) are:

  • “Terms & Conditions”;
  • “Privacy & Cookie Policy”;
  • “Affiliates”;
  • “Responsible Gaming”.

Desktop & Mobile Website Versions

Numerous players can have thoughts in mind that touch the question of compatible devices. Everybody would like to know what gadgets can be used when he/she wants to play. We think that there is no need to say that you can play casino games with your laptops and computers that can either be charged or depend on electricity. This is clear.

The question that worries lots of people is if it is possible to play with mobile gadgets? And the answer is univocal. Yes! You can use mobile gadgets, such tablets and cell phones without any problems. The algorithm is the same. You connect to Wi-Fi and open the browser. Go to the site with the link and choose a game to play.

Plus, you do not need to download any additional mobile app to gamble with LuckyDays. Everything is simpler than you think. Standard browsers copy with your requirements as well. So, use your mobile device or continue playing with your computer. The decision is all yours and depends on your wishes.

Listing of Free Games

To open the listing of free games, you do not need much. All you need is to click on the button “Games” which is located in the left upper corner. After that, a new window opens. Automatically, category “Recommended” is opened, but you can switch to any other category from those that are presented. Those game categories are:

  • “Recommended” (we have already mentioned this one);
  • “New Games”;
  • “Live Casino”;
  • “Slots”;
  • “Jackpots”;
  • “Table Games”;
  • “All Games”.

The casino has more than 1000 games on the offer, including live games that can be counted as a real miracle for those who want to gamble with real dealers, but have no desire to go to landed casinos or do not have such opportunity. Be sure that the presented games are played in live mode and are not records. For now, live games range is not that long (13 available models), but it keeps getting bigger.

Promotions and Rewards

When gamers are looking for online casino which can be profitable for them, they want to discover all the details about currently available promotions and rewards for customers. They want to know if it possible to get a no deposit bonus or what bonuses are available for making deposits. Also, they want to know if there are any valid promo codes on the moment and how to get free spins. To find out about bonuses and promotions of casino Lucky Days, you can scroll down and check the information that we have prepared for you.

If to talk about no deposit bonus, we cannot say that LuckyDays provides with such opportunity, but it does provide its customers with a generous offer for making deposits. The casino promises to give 1000 euros (€) and 100 free spins to all new players if they sign up on website.

Welcome bonus comes in the forms of welcome package which consists of four steps. The first step is aimed at the first depositing and getting a bonus of 100% that is able to give you up to 100 euros (€). The second step is aimed at getting 100 free spins after you deposited for the first time.

Next (third) step is aimed at the second depositing and getting a bonus of 50% that is able to give you up to 200 euros (€). The last (fourth) step is aimed at the third depositing and getting a bonus of 25% that is able to give you up to 700 euros (€). This is how the welcome offer works, and you do not have to use a bonus code to become its owner.

Help Center & Casino Staff

This is worth mentioning that every single casino that respects itself and cares for its reputation wants to provide its clients with the best services that they could ever get in all places. Lucky Days casino wants to become your favorite portal in the whole world. For this, it can provide you with the highest level of support service which you may need in case of emergency.

To open the tab with support center, you will need to click on “Help” button which is located in the right left corner. That is all! As you can see, a small vertical window opens on the right side of the page. At first, it opens FAQ section automatically. This is the section where you can get help without anybody’s help.

FAQ consists of categories named “My Account”, “Bonuses and Promotions”, “Deposit & Withdrawals”, “Safety and Security” and “Responsible Gaming”. Each category consists of the most frequently asked questions. If you are interested in one of those questions too, you can simply click on it, and the answer to it opens. Everything is simple. The navigation will cause no problem.

FAQ is not the only way how you can get help. When the tab opens, you will probably notice that it offer you either check FAQ or contact the staff of the casino. If you want to make use of the second option, you will have to click on the button “Contact us” to open a new (even smaller) window.

There, you will need to mention your name and leave your address of email. The line named as “How can we help you?” requires you to describe your issue/problem with the details, so if would be easier for the staff to understand what is wrong and how to provide you with the best and the quickest service. After all lines are fulfilled, click on the “Send” button.

Where to wait for the answer? Check your email, the address of which you mentioned. If you are interested in the function of live chat and if it is possible to use it, we should say that the portal does not provide such function, unfortunately.

Banking Methods & E-wallets

Casino LuckyDays approaches the part of banking options responsibly and wants to cooperate only with those banking institutions that can be trusted. So, what methods are used to commit secure and fast monetary transmissions, including both deposit making and cashing out?

For now, the casino has 6 methods on the offer. Maybe, it does not provide a hundred of available methods for now, but it is better to provide the customers with fewer options that are qualitative than to provide the customers with more options, among which not all are reliable. Are we right?

So, the casino let you choose one option from 6 options. They include bank transferring, BO (banking option) “Visa”, BO “MasterCard”, BO “Skrill”, BO “Neteller” and BO “EcoPayz”. Choose yours and commit money transmissions with no problem. All transmissions are committed with the light speed, so there is no need to wait a couple business days to get the result.

The Level of Keeping Your Information Safe

To find out what level of keeping your information safe a casino can provide, you will probably want to find out if it is legal, if the portal uses cookies and what security measures were takes to ensure secure gambling of customers. Right? Okay, let’s see what can we say about security policy of casino LuckyDays.

The platform is legit absolutely. Of course, it is a newbie in online world of gambling, but this newbie managed to receive licensing documents from one of the leaders of gaming authorities. The talk is about Curacao Government. Curacao license is one of the most wanted things for each casino, and LuckyDays has it, so leave all your worries behind. Gambling is regulated and legal. What can we say about measures of security?

Firstly, the website uses cookies, and you will be notified about it once you go the official website by the link You will see a small tab in the left lower corner. All you will need to do to close this small tap is to click “OK”. Cookies are used to distinguish your info and its details from the other customers’ info and details.

Secondly, the portal cooperates only with those banks that can be trusted to ensure that every single transmission of funds that you want to commit is safe and there can be not fraud attacks while your transactions are in process of committing.

Thirdly, the casino uses only those pieces of your information that you know about. It will not use any information of yours that you do not let to use. If you want to find out what information exactly is used or needed to be used by the portal you can go the section “Privacy Policy”, and read all about it there.

LuckyDays Casino Verdict

The most appropriate way to end our review is to make a brief conclusion which may come in handy when your thoughts are mixed and you want to make a decision about which you will not regret. As the range of online casinos is wide nowadays, you do not want to make a mistake, right? So, why to pick LuckyDays casino? We are going to remind you about its strong sides.

The first thing that we are going to remind you about is the appearance. The whole interface is designed in soft and calm blue tones. A nice kitty welcomes you to the website and “tells” about welcome bonus. The top of the page consists of the logo, advertisement banner and the main buttons for easy navigation. The bottom of the page is also full of useful fast links. The website can be opened on both computers and mobile devices.

The second thing that we are going to remind you about is the games spectrum which consists of more than a thousand gaming models. There are slots, various table games, models with progressive jackpot sums and so on. Live casino games with real dealers are also available for gambling.

The third thing that we are going to remind you about is the range of promotions and bonus offers. The welcome package consists of four steps, and each step supposes getting a particular amount of money or free spins. The total amount that you can get is 1000 euros (€) + 100 spins.

The fourth thing that we are going to remind you about is customer support center. You can get help two ways. The first way is aimed at getting help on your own using FAQ section. The second way is aimed at getting help from the staff. If to talk about safety of the portal, we should say that there are security measures, such as trustworthy banking options, cookies using and collecting only this information that you let.

The only thing that you must remember is that gambling should be controlled and responsible. You cannot consider gambling your whole life, as it is only a small part of it. So, play responsibly and enjoy the process. We wish you good luck and lots of monetary prizes!